We can all learn to pass the mic

Rosie Sherry
Nov 15, 2023

Today’s post is inspired by a LinkedIn post by Qasim Rashid.

When it comes to community and passing the mic, we are all responsible for ensuring there is diversity.

Members can learn to spot when to pass the mic.

Community leadership, event managers and marketers can get better at seeking diversity and real voices that make a difference.

This does not just apply to speaking, it applies to anyone and everyone you invite for anything within your community.

It’s never too late to check there is balance in who:

  • your members are
  • is participating
  • you are inviting

Then, put yourself in the shoes of a diverse set of people and ask yourself: is there representation?

Passing the mic is really about looking out for balance and opportunities for everyone.

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Rosie Sherry

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