Rosieland Roundup 204 — Community is being there when someone is looking for you

Rosie Sherry
3 min readNov 6, 2023

🌈 Welcome to another week in Rosieland, there’s a lot going on.

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🔍 Community is being there when someone is looking for you

In Rosieland, Scott Baldwin rephrased some words from a recent Seth Godin post.

Community is being there when someone is looking for you. The first step is being the sort of resource that people care enough to look for. And the second is being findable.

The question then becomes: to start a community, how do you build a helpful resource?

💃🏾 Dance is about community…and the individuals

Today in my random community finds I enjoyed this piece where Inès Le Cannellier reflects on how dance is influenced, for better or worse, by both community and individualism.

When I think about dance nowadays I think firstly of individuals. Individual dancers, choreographers, directors I admire. Influencers and personalities on Instagram, on TikTok, on Youtube, each trying to cement their persona, garnering a certain reputation. I think less of the community that surrounds them, the communities that came before them, that paved the way for them to be here.

⚖️ How Much Community Do We Actually Need?

We love and believe in community, but when is it too much? Or how can we find and respect the balance we need between community and solitude? A great read from Niall Stewart.

But how much community and connection do we actually need, and does the extent of that need change over the course of our lives? Storr’s research and clinical work led him to conclude that, as we age, our interest in other human beings declines somewhat. “We tend to turn to more impersonal interests,” he said in an interview, “and this shows in the great creators…



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