How to make sense of what your team is working on in chaotic times

Rosie Sherry
2 min readNov 29, 2023

How daily bullet points gave me clarity

It has been a journey going back to Ministry of Testing last month in a CEO role. It wasn’t a planned situation and the best way I can describe it is as ‘chaotic’.

Chaos brings so many questions, anxiety and confusion. One of my main priorities was to get the lowdown on what was actually happening. I needed to work towards making decisions quickly, but I didn’t want to make them without having the right information and understanding.

One of the processes we implemented really helped me gain clarity on what was actually happening on a day-to-day basis. For context, this is for a total team of 10.

We called it “Today my priorities are” and it exists as a Slack channel that everyone posts to in the morning. This was not created to judge what people were working on, it was a communication tool of the team saying “hey, this is what I’m working on, AMA.”

What this helped me with was to understand:

  • what people were working on
  • what they actually got done
  • whether it made sense to me
  • what currently exists (and to then explore it if need be)
  • it was an opportunity for me to ask for guidance and help
  • it helped me understand the picture as a whole and to assess for gaps or risks

My goal was to make good decisions, and to do that, I felt I had to have a sense of all the moving pieces within the company.

One month in and I feel it’s had a real positive effect.

The team are still posting daily updates, I also understand what they are working on now! I still ask questions, but not nearly as much. Having the team post what they are working on helps remind my often scattered brain of things I’m supposed to be doing to enable them.

On top of this, what has been nice to see is that the bullet point lists have actually turned into “to-do” lists. The team naturally ended up editing their bullet points with check marks or strikethrough to show what tasks they’ve actually achieved.

Overall, it’s been great to allow us all to focus a bit more and get into the mindset of shipping things quickly whilst also giving me the clarity on what is getting done.



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