Create digestible community summaries

Rosie Sherry
2 min readNov 15, 2023

Community is increasingly becoming responsible for more types of community generated content. Perhaps in the past, the majority of our content was contained within forums, blogs and social. These days, depending on the team set-up, we need to widen our thinking of the content we could create.

People’s needs are complex and we are all increasingly pulled in multiple directions. The reality of what this means for community builders is that we need to create multiple versions of our community content.

That event they were so excited about, but didn’t attend?

The talk that seemed great but they’ve never watched?

That podcast they want to listen to, but haven’t quite managed it?

That course that they were so excited about but didn’t get past the first section?

People lack capacity and community is not always a priority

We should stop kidding ourselves. People live busy lives with other priorities. We have to be honest with ourselves. People don’t have time or capacity to consume everything.

Most content also lacks real substance or takeaways. This doesn’t make it bad, we all take learnings from content in very different ways. The experience of hosting, speaking, participating and organising is hugely important for community building too.



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