Conversation is important, but constant conversation is dangerous

Rosie Sherry
1 min readNov 16, 2023

We feel insecure about our work and communities when we measure ourselves by constant conversation.

Conversation is important, it creates connection and valuable deep insights. However, constant conversation without balance is dangerous. No one wants to be talking all day long. It is exhausting and overwhelming for everyone involved.

Re-adjusting your thinking to focus on:

  • being there: if you help them when they need it then they will come back keep coming back
  • finding the right balance: overwhelm is real, people get lost and don’t know where to start.
  • a bias to action: people join communities to find a way to progress, what are you helping progress?
  • respect people’s time: we all have one life, encourage the wise use of it to create something that matters
  • focus on solving problems: easier said than done, what is the future you are imagining to create? What change are you creating? What outcomes can you create for your people?

The tweet that inspired this post.

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