10 Visuals to Explain Autism

Rosie Sherry
3 min readJan 13, 2023

Hello. I’m Rosie and I’m autistic.

Six months ago, at the grand age of 43 I was diagnosed with Autism + ADHD, or AuDHD as it is often referred to online.

Thankfully more women are getting diagnosed, but there is still much more work to do on this front as it’s still perceived as a ‘male’ thing.

It was a journey of around 6 years to get to this point. Part of it was discovering autism through and for my kids, I believe they’re all on the spectrum somewhere even if only one has an official diagnosis. Which typically he got before I did.

Whilst I had suspected for quite a while, I had dismissed it as ‘not enough’ signs. That was until I discovered that it’s (often) different for women and I basically checked so many of THE boxes.

I often fall down rabbit holes of autism discovery. Instagram, Twitter and TikTok and YouTube have been great for that. Facebook too, admittedly, as much as I hate FB, there are some groups that are helpful.

I hope to start contributing more to the conversation online. For now, here are 10 visuals that help explain what autism is all about.

1. What not to say to autistic people

By https://www.lilpenguinstudios.com/

2. Autism is a spectrum

By https://www.lilpenguinstudios.com/

3. You can be autistic and…

By autieselfcare

4. How To Support The Autistic Community

By Little Puddins

5. What is masking?

By 21andsensory



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